Fact sheet

Private owners of historic houses across Europe will open their doors and/or organize special
activities, on at least one of the days listed.

Slogan       Our House, Your Heritage

Four objectives

  • Raise awareness on the contribution of private owners of heritage buildings to
  • Foster exchanges between owners/managers and the public
  • Increase synergies with the living arts
  • Promote public engagement, especially the young generation

 European Landowners Organisation
 Friends of the Countryside
 Young Friends of the Countryside
 Future for Religious Heritage
 International Union of Property Owners

Guidelines to private owners

The European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH) 2018 will be launched during the European Culture Forum in Milan on the 7-8 of December.
As the Österreichischer Burgenverein is member of the European Historic Houses Association, you are an important ambassador of our shared private cultural heritage and we need you to make 2018 a great success!

Every contribution counts! So what’s on and what can you do? Read on & find out more about the Private Heritage Week!

The full pdf document is here – PrivateHeritageWeek_Guidelines

To register or for more information, please contact:

Karen APPLEBY Sekretariat
Österreichischer Burgenverein
Tel. +43 3383 33291
Mobil: +43 650 483 4390

“Appreciate the diverse nature of Europe’s privately-owned heritage and celebrate its relevance in our
lives, today and in the future.”
Across the continent private families care for many thousands churches, chapels, historic houses,
castles, manors and their surroundings: a tangible memory of our European culture that connects us
with our past and provides context and guidance to inform our lives and reaffirm our identities.
The European Year of Cultural Heritage encourages people to explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural
heritage; and celebrates the enormous value it brings to local communities: physically through
relaxation and improved well-being; socially through community cohesion;